About us

Becki lawton (BA hons)

At the risk of sounding clichéd (I’m willing to take that risk!) I have literally been involved with weddings and other events for over 20 years now…

My first encounter with local hotels and venues was when I worked at a balloon shop from the age of 15. It taught me a lot about how important every last detail was – and about how timings are key to a smooth and stress free day for all.

Since studying Media at College, I found a passion for the TV world and loved (much to the annoyance of friends and family) to dissect how all programmes and films were made. I then went onto a TV Production course at Uni and gaining an honorary degree.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t want to do weddings – it was only because my lecturer suggested that it would be a great opening to get into that field of work. So I set-up my business in 2006 (as Cam-eleon Productions) and boom! In my first year I had 28 bookings…and ate my hat as I loved every one of them!

I think it was a fresh and new thing back then – having your wedding filmed was more of a luxury and has now become an absolute must! I could never understand why people would justify spending thousands of pounds on floral arrangements and then scrimp on the things that last…a video paints much more than a thousand words.

Being female led has definitely helped to put nervous Brides at ease (especially when meeting in the morning) and I am a familiar face when they walk up the aisle.

We do have a 3 camera set-up but you really don’t see this! I often hear guests asking how the couple know us (assuming that we are friends) which hopefully shows that I am doing a good job in being discreet and relaxed whilst at work.

I honestly do love my job – often referred to by photographers as a “Ninja” I don’t like to miss a thing. I promise that with every shot I take and with every edit that I make, I am always striving to produce the best film I can for every one of my gorgeous couples to treasure, forever X